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About Voodoo Road and Race


My name is Frank Matthew, I am the owner of Voodoo road and race, my love of motorcycles began when I was a child.  My dad always had motorbikes and was always tinkering in the garage.  When I was seven years old I got my first bike, it was a BSA bantom 175!!!!  Needless to say, I couldn't start it, I spent quite a while limping around with a very bruised foot from the kickback.  My dad was the manager of a local paint shop (when I say local, I could see it from our front room window).  So I've always been around my two great loves. 

My love of design firstly sent me in another direction, a more industrial one. when I left school I worked my way up to being a ventilation design engineer, this gave me the skills and tools that I rely on today.  From what began as me painting my own race bikes and helmets because I fell off A LOT!!  Started to gain the attention of other riders and slowly a business formed.  I sometimes wonder why my wife stayed with me when I overtook the back garden of our home with a great big timber garage and painted from there lol.  We are now in a commercial unit and have invested heavily in the best equipment to ensure you get the best possible service.  I know this will not make me a rich man but someone once said that if you make a living doing what you love then you never work a day in your life, that sounds good to me!!! 

The business is still finding its feet really and nobody knows where this will end up, I have made some great friends on this journey and I always try to give back in whatever little way we can to the sport I love so much. 

Voodoo Road and Race bikes
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Voodoo road and race bikes

We sponsor and support a few riders from national competition and club racing.  We are proud to be associated with names like Christian Iddon, Bradley Perie, Harry Leigh and Scarlett Robinson.  So much so that we have dedicated a full section of the site to them, you can find out more about each of these riders and their journeys by clicking on the tab in the home page. 

Well that's enough about me, please feel free to continue looking through the website, there is loads of information and examples of our work.  Please also visit the shop for our latest deals on top brand protection and equipment. 


I will hopefully see you soon 


kind regards 


Frank Matthew 

Voodoo Road and Race


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