Custom airbrushing


By Frank 

custom paint

Using only the very best products we create one off custom race helmets for all facets of motor & extreme sports. 

Our in house painters then transfer that design on to your chosen helmet to create a stunning piece of art. 

What ever the reason behind your purchase, whether  its to be stopped from pit wall easily or promote your sponsors or you just want the local boys 

at the bike meet to be filled with jealousy and admiration, having a custom helmet design is on of the best ways to show your individuality.

The process 

Once you have picked out your helmet from our substantial array on display we create a 2 dimensional design within our design software.

this is then sent to you via email for comment, we change what you dont like and keep what you do. Once the discussions are complete and the design is 

approved the helmet moves into the painting process. Once we have worked our magic and the project is complete you can ether have it shipped to your address or call into the store to pick it up. its that simple. 


This is very tricky to surmise the cost of an individual design, there are a lot of things to take into account, we have specialist paints, effects and number of colours to consider, it really is dependent on the intricacies of the design. 

basic design and clear coat (not including helmet cost)    circa £350.00+ vat (estimated)

moderately  technical design (not including helmet cost)  circa £475.00+vat  (estimated)

highly technical design (not including helmet cost)               circa £650.00 + vat (upwards)

specialist paint effects                                                                        price on application 

chrome base                                                                                           price on application 

Metal flake                                                                                                price on application 

The prices above are approximates and can go ether way once we have an idea of what your are looking for. All other prices for 

bike frames, snow boards etc are determined on a job by job basis

TELEPHONE 01706 557707 for more details

decals & designs

We have on site Printing capabilities for decals and race names, we work with several high ranked riders in bsb and club racers. We provide 

promotional products and decals and design some kick ass racer logos. these are available  to all our customers, just ring the shop or drop us message and we can go through the process with you . 

TELEPHONE 01706 557707 for more details


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