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Ever wanted an original logo for your racing, Logos can become a great way to grow your fan base, stand out to sponsers or advertisers and help create A brand going forward that you can use throughout your racing career. 

But dont worry, if you are looking for a comercial Logo for your business, we do those a s well. We can provide graphic design work for most visual media from business cards and compliment slips to company branding and art work. 

Interested???? give us a call today. 

Cartoon style, hand drawn logos, designed just for you!!!!!!!


  1. Client Brief and Research: The process begins with a thorough understanding of the client's business, industry, target audience, and brand values. The design team at Voodoo Road and Race will often conduct research to gather insights into the client's competitors and market trends.

  2. Conceptualization and Sketching: Designers brainstorm and sketch various logo concepts based on the information gathered. These sketches are often rough and serve as the initial ideas for the logo's visual direction.

  3. Digital Mockups: The most promising sketches are then transformed into digital mockups using graphic design software. These mockups provide a clearer visualization of how the logo might look when finalized.

  4. Color Selection: Color is a crucial aspect of logo design. Designers choose colors that align with the brand's identity, industry standards, and evoke the desired emotions in the target audience.

  5. Typography: If the logo includes text, the designers will carefully select appropriate fonts that reflect the brand's personality and are easily legible. Typography plays a significant role in conveying the logo's message.

  6. Initial Design Presentation: The design team presents a selection of logo concepts to the client. This presentation may include explanations of each concept's rationale, color choices, and typography.

  7. Feedback and Revisions: Based on the client's feedback, the design team refines and revises the chosen concept. This iterative process ensures the client's vision is accurately represented in the logo.

  8. Fine-Tuning: Details such as alignment, spacing, and proportions are fine-tuned to achieve a polished and professional look. This step involves meticulous attention to detail.

  9. Finalization: Once the client approves the refined logo design, the design team prepares the final high-resolution files suitable for various applications, such as print, web, and social media.

  10. Logo Guidelines: Along with the final logo files, Voodoo Road and Race might provide logo usage guidelines. These guidelines outline how the logo should be used in different contexts, such as size restrictions, color variations, and clear space requirements.

  11. Delivery: The final logo files and guidelines are delivered to the client, completing the design process. The client can now start using their new logo for branding purposes.


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