Graphic Design and paint

Helmet design, Once an order has been approved and placed we begin the task of digitally rendering a design so the customer can get a good idea of what the finished item will look like, we have several levels to this service and more about this can be found by clicking the link on the home page that will take you through to the helmet section and the price plans on offer.

We will only accept jobs on certain helmets and will not paint damaged or inferior helmets so please do not ask as refusal often offends. We take great pride in this service as it is our main offering, everything else is just to keep the lights on. I love nothing more than getting lost in a design and seeing the glint in a customers eyes when they pick up their new lid knowing no body else in the world has a helmet the same as theirs.  

digital mock up of custom helmet paint
custom helmet design at voodoo

Logo Design

All our logos and racer icons are hand drawn in house, we do not "borrow" images off the internet or use clip are to create our characters. Everything is sketched out and then digitally re drawn to create effective, funny and unique rider branding. Each logo we create is kept on file so changes and alterations can be on going, for instance a rider changes teams and wants the colours to reflect the new teams livery. 

Our logos are all drawn in vector format, this means they are infinitely scalable, from a postage stamp to the side of a plane there will be no loss of quality. 

Once your logo is complete, we offer several further services, from Decals to t shirts, we can get your logo out there and creating attention.  

Motorcycle livery Design 

We provide a digital design service to demo how your bike will look before painting ensues. This could be for a race replica of your favorite race team to a new team livery for the up coming season. all works are carried out in house and changes and alterations are no issue at this stage. once you are completely happy with the layouts and have signed of the designs we can begin the preparation of the new fairings for paint.