Welcome to Voodoo road and race, based in the northwest, Shaw in Oldham to be exact, we sell the latest in performance clothing and protection.  We have tried to cut through the fog of the hypermarket with rows and rows.....and rows of products but only 5% of it is relevant to your needs.  Now don't get us wrong there's nothing wrong with that, nothing at all!! But we are trying to cut through all that, are you a sports bike road rider?  Yes!  Then you're in the right place.  Do you like a good track day?  Yes!  Then you're in the right place!  Oh, you're a racer!  Then you are in the right place (there's a pattern developing here).


All our products are sourced for one reason and one reason only!  They are the best for what we love to do.  That doesn't always mean they are more expensive, we try to offer products for all budgets from the top of the line race tested and proven to the mid-range quality product that will provide protection, performance and style. 

Keep an eye out for the little blue tag, this will tell you if the product can be customised (in our onsite studio),  via decals or full race paint designs.  We can also offer leather cleaning, repairs and servicing to ensure your products are kept in the best condition.  So please don't think our relationship stops when we pass back your debit card, it does not.  We will help you wherever we can to ensure you get the best service and services we can provide..........please feel free to have a look around!  

SIDI Boots
RST Gloves
HIFLOFILTRO Premium filters
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AIROH Helmets
SUOMY Helmets
6D Helmets
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